401k and 834 File Feeds

Kronect Integrations offers specialized 401k and 834 File Feeds services, designed to simplify and streamline the movement and integration of data. With extensive expertise in data mapping, formatting, and secure file transfer, Kronect enables seamless connectivity between payroll or benefits platforms and carriers, ensuring efficient data exchange.

The process begins with Kronect accessing the source data from the payroll or benefits platform. Leveraging our advanced data mapping engine, we swiftly format and create the files according to the specifications provided by the carrier. Supported file formats include .txt, .csv, .xls, and .xlsx, with optional PGP encryption for enhanced security.

One of the key advantages of Kronect's 401k and 834 File Feeds service is the remarkable reduction in time required for file formatting and generation. Our data mapping engine automates the process, significantly speeding up outgoing feed creation. Moreover, incoming files, such as those received from 401k providers, are effortlessly absorbed, parsed, mapped, and seamlessly integrated into the destination platform.

Kronect Integrations understands the importance of data validation and error handling. We offer customizable validation and error handling mechanisms specific to each client and file feed, ensuring data accuracy and integrity throughout the entire process. This personalized approach allows clients to address their unique requirements and maintain control over their data.

Security is a top priority at Kronect Integrations. We never outsource any work related to 401k or 834 file feeds, guaranteeing the confidentiality of sensitive information. Additionally, depending on the specifications of vendors, providers, or carriers, encryption requirements can be fulfilled to meet stringent security standards.

While Kronect's robust systems ensure accuracy and integrity, it is crucial to note that data quality relies heavily on the source data itself. Kronect's AI-driven platform continuously learns and flags questionable data, providing an extra layer of scrutiny before mapping it into a file feed.

To provide a seamless experience, Kronect Integrations offers real-time monitoring of file feed transmissions. The status and progress of each transmission can be easily tracked through the Kronect Integrations Dashboard, which provides comprehensive visibility and ensures transparency throughout the process.

With Kronect Integrations, you can trust that all work is handled internally. We do not outsource, whether onshore or offshore, reducing complexities and eliminating potential language barriers and time zone delays. Our dedicated team of vetted professionals is committed to maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy, undergoing regular updates and education.

Experience the efficiency, reliability, and security of Kronect Integrations' 401k and 834 File Feeds service. Streamline your data movement and integration processes while safeguarding sensitive information. Contact Kronect Integrations today to learn more about our tailored solutions for the HRIS industry.


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Carrier Connections

$450 Setup & Configuration
$0.65 PEPM

Payroll Connections (401k)

$450 Setup & Configuration
$0.65 PEPM (One-Way)
$1.00 PEPM (Bi-Directional)

Benefits Reconciliation

$450 Setup & Configuration
$1.00 Per Insured Employee

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