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Kronect Integrations develops custom data movement integrations and solutions between HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) platforms. We connect HRIS platforms using their APIs or flat files to transmit data seamlessly between systems thus removing the element of human error. Services include platform to platform integrations, file feeds, EDI and other data movement solutions. If there is a way in or out of a platform, Kronect can move the data.

We Connect

Kronect Integrations has spent years developing our Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) and with each new HR software we integrate with, we get stronger. Kronect specializes in communicating with HRIS platforms using APIs and flat files to create solutions which optimize the use of each platform for our Partners and Clients. Our file feeds, solutions and integrations are for companies of any size whether there are 10 or 10,000 employees.

Streamline Your Processes

Solutions designed to help businesses run smoother.

API Integrations

With so many HRIS platforms out there, having the ability to connect these platforms has become essential. Kronect consumes each API and develops and maintains each of our integrations.

Process Solutions

Sometimes you need a hybrid integration to help improve your processes. Kronect can help you develop these solutions just the way you need them.

File Feeds

From 401k to carrier connections, Kronect works directly with the provider to produce cost effective data movement solutions for any size business.

Let Our Technology Improve Your Processes.

With our expertise in API's and HRIS data movement, we are bound to be able to produce a solution that is right for your organization.

API Integrations
Process Solutions
File Feeds

4D Process

Our 4D process has proven to increase efficiency and streamline processes for our clients while saving time, money and resources.

Determine your problem

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to getting it fixed.

On Your Own

Much of the time you know exactly what your problem or issue is. If that is the case, we are more than happy to help you fix it.


There are many times we come across a client who knows they have a problem but isn't quite sure exactly what it is. We are more than willing to sit with you and your team to diagnose exactly what that problem is.

Decide if the technology exists to fix your problem.

99% of the time, there is a solution for your needs.

Discovery Phase

Not all solutions are straightforward and it may take a bit of time to decide if there is technology out there to solve your problem. We will take some time to find this out.

Making the Decision

Once we have done some digging around, we will decide if we are able to help you. 99% of the time we can figure out a solution. However there is that 1% when some piece of technology just doesn't exist and we may have to revisit it later.

Develop a solution for your problem

Integration and solution development can take time but we have an answer.

Absorb the API

Kronect absorbs the APIs of the partner platforms and determines the data points for which there is an immediate need to integrate.

Kronect Internal Mapping Engine (KIME)

KIME is technology we have developed that helps us reduce development time when creating an integration or solution. KIME also allows integrations to be more dynamic and conducive for individual client needs.

Deploy the solution to eliminate your problem.

Our solutions run in the background.

Hands Off

Many of our solutions and integrations run on their own without the need for human intervention. This is Kronect eliminating work.

Hands On

Other solutions and integrations may require someone from your staff to complete a process or perform an action. This is Kronect reducing work.

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